Researchers at the London School of Economics in England have concluded that, surprise!, walking is better for you than going to the gym. Here are our reasons why: 1. The smell Gyms stink. Forests smell heavenly. 2. No fashion shows Hikers, for the most part, are modest folk – they’d rather swathe themselves in merino […]

Japan is a beguiling country of serene cedar groves scattered with kami shrines, intricate ceremonies performed in rural teahouses, and glittering neon nightscapes strumming with 22nd-century energy. With local guides, you’ll experience a perspective few Westerners are privileged to know. Hiking through the whispering cypress forests of the Kii Peninsula or enjoying a quiet moment […]

Our day-to-day hiking seems to have little effect on us, but hugely impacts the next person coming through that environment. We are just passing through. We don’t live there. We don’t see it daily. We experience it and move on, usually forever. This is where trail etiquette becomes a critical player, because damage done on all […]

Here are 5 tips to keep your gear accessible: Have a designated space for your gear at home. This can be a shelf in your hall or bedroom closet, a basket near the door, or even a large backpack. The important thing is to have all of your boots, coats, hats, and mittens together in […]

I tested this trip and from personal experience it is truly spectacular! Join a small-group guided walking adventure offering an authentic travel experience, one that takes you away from the crowds and deep in to the fabric of local life. On it, you’ll enjoy 24/7 expert guides, premium accommodations, delicious meals, effortless transportation, and local […]

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, or simply the AT, is a hiker’s Mount Everest. The 3,510 kilometer (2,181 mile) trail stretches from Georgia to Maine. While some people hike the AT in sections over many years, those known as thru-hikers attempt to complete the entire trail in a single season, a commitment that takes five […]

It may be small, but one thing’s for certain: the UK is home to some of the most magnificent landscapes in Europe, if not the world. Sure, the much lamented climate means you’ll likely get a soaking or three (four if you’re in Scotland), but with everything from coastal strolls to fearsome scrambles, British boots […]

All those spectacular hiking trails that wind across acres of seemingly untouched Canadian wilderness certainly didn’t manifest themselves, even though it may seem that way by how well they integrate with the natural landscape. Chances are, park workers and lots of volunteers spent many backbreaking hours shoveling, chopping, pulling, pushing and stacking to create those […]

The craze for collecting virtual Pokémon characters via a phone app has delighted all ages, as collectors track down the characters through the GPS feature in their phones. But fans be reminded that though there are undoubted health benefits from getting outdoors and active, players need to be aware of where they are and how […]