Hiking Holidays is a division of Travelpath Inc. Our professionals arrange vacations, destination weddings, family reunions, corporate travel and will make you feel welcome.

Our team is sharing some of our favourite hiking trails around the world, from Italy to Costa Rica and the Rockies to China. All are truly wonderful experiences.

Our adventures have been carefully selected from our partners for their unique cultural itineraries. Take a hike – connect and enjoy!

Travelpath is a privately owned and managed company established in 1978.

“Big enough to count, small enough to care.”

Our clients:

Hikers are creative. Spending time outdoors and unplugged increases our creative problem-solving skills by up to 50 percent!
Hikers are fit. Hiking is a great way to get a serious workout without putting too much pressure on your joints.
Hiking heals. The physical benefits extend far beyond cardiovascular health.
Hikers are happier.   Being out in nature allows people to connect with themselves in a way that brings about a sense peace and well-being.

Hike Leaders:

Our hike leaders are the “cream of the crop” in the hiking community. All are eager to welcome you on their favourite walks.
About Hiking Holidays

Diane Gregg:

I am the founder of Hiking Holidays, and I create the hikes and experiences that our guests enjoy. I love to travel and have spent my entire career searching for new and wonderful places to share.
Welcome to Hiking Holidays!